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We love landscapes.

Ann Arbor Pool Design and Build

Once you’re fortunate enough to earn grandparent status, you’ve collected a great deal of wisdom. Lotus Gardenscapes recently completed a large project that’s a perfect example of this: make your home such a great place for your children, grandchildren (and their future children) to create

How to Water New Landscapes and Grass in Ann Arbor, MI

Plants have a short list of things that help them not only grow but also thrive. Provide your plantings with the right amount of sun, nutrients, and water, and they’ll reward you with beautiful growth in return.    The one element that homeowners need to be particularly

Lotus and Lumberjacks Unite!

We are excited to announce that we are merging our customer list with Lumberjack's Tree Service!     The owners of Lumberjacks, John and Pat, will continue to operate their unique mulch and hardwood upcycling work while retiring from the tree care side of the business.   We believe that

Insect Control for Ann Arbor Trees and Shrubs

Plants need regular health care too!    The Michigan landscape is home to a wide and beautiful array of trees and ornamental plants. But that also means that our landscape also plays host to an equally as wide range of pests and diseases that target them. Ignoring

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