Winter Landscaping Cleanup And Winter Container Plants

Posted on November 10, 2023

Winter containers can be a lovely addition to your outdoor space during the colder months, adding color and interest to your garden or patio. 

Dwarf evergreen trees and shrubs are great choices for container plants. Conifers like spruce pine and Juniper work well in containers. Some other choices include Boxwood, Wintergreen, and Arborvitae. 

Another option for winter containers is flowers that bloom in winter like Pansies. Pansies are hardy annuals that come in a variety of colors and can often bloom throughout the winter. Violas and Winter Aconite are great ways to add a pop of color during the cold winter months. 

Ornamental grasses are great for texture and interest in containers. Some popular choices are Blue Fescue and Feather reed grass. Winterberry holly with it red or orange berries or American holly add another element of interest.

The Lotus team can help put together a winter container that keeps your outdoor space interesting during the winter.

We still have availability for winter cleanups and pruning. If you have beds that need to be cleared or maybe you are considering some winter planting, contact us today to secure a spot. 

The cooler months are the best times of the year to prune trees and bushes. When the weather cools, trees and bushes go into a dormant state. This dormant state allows trees and bushes to withstand the stress of pruning without the stress of drought or heat. 

Winter is a great time to plant as well. Cold temperatures in winter reduce stress on plants during the establishment phase, allowing them to channel their energy into developing robust root systems without the pressure of high heat. With ample rain or watering, your new plants can establish a healthy root system. There are also less pests in the winter months. 

This allows plants to settle in without the constant threat of these challenges. While the above-ground portions of plants may not exhibit substantial growth in winter, their root systems continue to develop beneath the surface. When spring arrives, these well-established roots will enable plants to burst forth with new growth and blossoms. Winter extends the planting season, offering flexibility for various landscaping projects, whether you’re adding trees, shrubs, perennials, or bulbs.

The Lotus team is prepared to offer guidance on plant selection, soil preparation, proper planting techniques, and winter pruning to ensure your landscape flourishes for years to come. To discover more about our services and request assistance, please visit our garden care page.