Landscape Design & Construction

Collaborative Approach

When you open your door is there a place you know you can relax and enjoy time by yourself or with friends and family? Do you dream of this space but are not sure how it would be put together? Maybe you have a clear vision but you need it articulated and brought to reality.

At Lotus, we know that a landscape is not a static composition, but a living and changing presence. We want to help you enjoy your own land and feel connected to it. Most of all, we understand that this story is about you and your experience – we are dedicated to getting to know you so that we can create your space in the way that you can most enjoy it. Our interactive and personalized approach puts you, the client, at the center from the very beginning.

Our inspiration is elemental – wood, water, earth, and even a bit of fire! Our team of artisans and master craftsmen bring unique design elements to life, including environmental art and sculpture, custom metal or stone water features, mosaic inlays, and specialty carpentry. In addition to master plans, we offer quick conceptual sketches for lower-budget projects.

Just imagine what your life will feel like after your project is complete. You sit outside at the end of the day and enjoy a cool drink, chat with a dear friend, or breathe deeply bringing in the warm summer air. You see a pastiche of colors through your new views and re-connect deeply with the earth under you, the air around you, and the people that love you.

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