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A lot of time and energy goes into perfecting your outdoor space, so why should you be confined to enjoying it only during daylight hours? We say it’s time to break free of those limits. Whatever the size of your outdoor space, you should be able to experience music as it was intended without seeing bulky subwoofers or speakers in sight. Lotus can install built-to-last, easy-to-connect, complete solutions for music that syncs to any device indoors or out. Kick back and relax – we won’t judge you on your music taste! And when night falls the love and laughter don’t have to end. Keep the memories coming all evening long by making use of our partnership with Coastal Source outdoor lighting.

Lotus will take your home’s architectural features and existing plants to highlight them with tasteful lighting. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pathways and walking areas are well-lit for your guests.

Case Study

A Radiant Family Sanctuary

We decided that the new space should revolve around three elemental zones: fire, water, and stone. Each section will create a different atmosphere, allowing the family to flow seamlessly between relaxing, socializing, and meditating. The design will include strong sculptural elements, speaking to the family’s love of art.

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