Lotus Knows The Right Way

The extensive experience of our Horticulture crews means we integrate the latest ecological landscape techniques with personalized service. Our passion for cutting-edge horticulturally correct plant design and installation shows in the broad plant palettes we use, merging your likes and preferences with what will actually grow in your property and the many microclimates and soil types in your area. Architectural plantings, vegetated walls, and water features will attract butterflies, birds, and other beneficial insects. From sun & shade gardens to theme & rain gardens, cut flower beds & annual planters, native & Asian-inspired landscapes, or low-maintenance gardens, our knowledge and expertise of plants will inspire you and bring your property back to life.

Lotus began in 1997 with a unique skill for providing horticulturally sound gardening services to discerning homeowners. 25 years later, this is still the case.

Our maintenance contracts are horticulturally specialized and fully customizable, so customers can select the products they need without paying for any they don’t. We know as well as anyone the effort it takes to maintain a beautiful, appealing and delightful garden, but spend some time in one of the outdoor sanctuaries we maintain, and you’ll see the effort is absolutely, 100% worth it.

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