Seasonal Color

Seasonal flowers are one of the most effective ways to create a show-stopping landscape. From the very first impression that your guests see, annuals improve your property value while making your home a more enjoyable place to be. Studies have shown that being around colorful blooms can have a long-term impact on stress and that businesses that invest in seasonal plantings attract and retain clients more effectively than those that don’t. You may think that flowers can be only grown in warmer months, but there are a few species that flourish in cooler temperatures, and under expert care, it is possible to enjoy a rainbow landscape through all four seasons.

Our creatives specialize in creating unique, eye-catching accents, including wreaths, bows, and custom-made decorative elements. Lotus has a dedicated horticulture team with decades of experience creating seasonal color displays so whether you’re looking for inground, raised beds, or container plantings, we can help you find an installation and maintenance plan that’s right for you.

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