Pools & Spas

Cool the Body & Heal the Soul

Pools and spas are an investment that can last for years, bringing hours of enjoyment and acting as a private oasis to get away from it all. The landscape architects at Lotus customize your design to take into account the manmade element of a pool along with the natural environment that surrounds it. Aside from providing a space to gather, these recreational gathering places offer healing properties that relieve stress and pain all summer long.

Case Study

Creating a Forever Home: A Multi-Generational Legacy Project

For this project, our client aimed to create a multi-generational home and garden that would serve as a gathering place for the clients' large family, which included 30 grandchildren! The project's vision was to make the home a place where the family could create happy memories and enjoy outdoor living spaces. The clients' wish list included an indoor lap pool, an outdoor pool with a hot tub, a variety of outdoor living spaces, and beautiful garden beds.

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