Garden Bed Installation & Renovation

If you’re looking for a beautiful place of solace within your own yard, custom-designed landscaping with the plants and color palette that you love is a perfect solution.

Once you’ve decided on the location for planting, our designers can help you play with fun shapes and sizes to suit the area. Preparing the soil properly is essential, and after that, the fun begins. We’re nerds about plants and can find something that looks beautiful in every season here in Michigan. From pollinator gardens to low-maintenance shrubs, and gorgeous blooming trees, we’ll help you find what suits your personal aesthetic. Lotus can also provide options for raised gardening beds that allow you to sow seeds without breaking your back.

Whether you enjoy gardening as a hobby, desire to plant edibles to use in the kitchen, or just want to view the garden from afar as a way to relax and unwind, we know you’ll enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers growing strong and mature in your own landscape.

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