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Creating a Forever Home: A Multi-Generational Legacy Project

TImeline: 1-2 years
Budget: $100,000+
Designer: Traven Pelletier
The Vision

For this project, our client aimed to create a multi-generational home and garden that would serve as a gathering place for the clients' large family, which included 30 grandchildren! The project's vision was to make the home a place where the family could create happy memories and enjoy outdoor living spaces. The clients' wish list included an indoor lap pool, an outdoor pool with a hot tub, a variety of outdoor living spaces, and beautiful garden beds.

The Challenge

The Lotus team faced several challenges during construction due to the site's natural features. The property had a high-sloped hill and ravine that needed to be addressed, and accommodating the logistics of the project's features was essential. Additionally, the team had to work with natural drainage concerns and retain what was already present on the site.

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Design & Plan

Lotus’ comprehensive approach and attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the project was considered, from proper drainage to accommodate the logistics of the many features being added to the landscape. The project involved working with other contractors, including Highfloor Mat Montrose, Bluestone, Hobart Stone, and Beninati Pools, to create a truly beautiful space. The project took about a year and a half to complete, and the team effort and perfect collaboration between all parties involved made the project a success.

Project Features
Heated walkway to hot tub
Bluestone patio
Upper outdoor Swimming pool
Hot tub
Seasonal garden beds
Indoor lap pool
Beautiful garden beds
Stair access between 2 terraces
The Results

Creating a Forever Home: A Multi-Generational Legacy Project

The finished full-service design and build has resulted in an absolute masterpiece, leaving the clients feeling over-the-moon happy! The multi-generational home and garden, with its indoor lap pool, outdoor pool with hot tub, and various outdoor living spaces, has created a space for the clients to enjoy daily and a place for their family to gather for many years to come. The natural bluestone patio with a firepit, upper outdoor pool area, and stair access between the two terraces provide ample space for relaxation and entertainment. The beautiful garden beds, cared for by the clients and their long-time gardener, are a sight to behold and will continue to bloom for many seasons. The entire property is now a legacy that the clients' children and grandchildren will always treasure.

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Project Testimonial

William P.
Landscape Design Build & Horticulture Client - 2018 to 2020
Great work! Lotus designed and completed a major project for our new home. I'm looking at the terrace portion of the project right now and am just in awe of how beautiful it turned out - retaining walls of large limestone blocks, bluestone pavers, planting areas, etc. Lotus's expertise was outstanding and they worked well to understand our desires and came up with excellent designs that fit our property well. The implementation was done with care and a real eye for beauty and quality. Thanks to Traven, Ben, Nicole, Etal! We recommend you highly!

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