Lotus & Bloom Fall 2016 Staff Appreciation BBQ

Posted on October 20, 2016

Lotus & Bloom Staff Appreciation

October 14th marked the first annual Lotus Gardenscapes & Bloom! Fall Staff Appreciation BBQ as a thank you for the tons of hard work everyone has put in this season. After a crazy-busy spring, summer and early fall, it was nice to have a few hours at the end of a beautiful fall Friday to relax, appreciate our co-workers and of course, eat great food! Senior landscape designer Wade Lehmann is a man of many talents, and once again took control of the grill with excellent results.  The menu of soy marinated flank steak, slow-roasted pork shoulder, chicken kebobs, maple-leave butternut squash cutouts, and roasted fall veggies was a unanimous hit.


img_6496 gavin   traven-cupcakes


Traven presented some awards as a highlight while also appreciating each staff member personally and handing out the month’s Bonus Letters! Here is a quick rundown of the team’s accomplishments:

Shane Piper & Daniel “Bonz” Mahoney were recognized for stepping up as Supervisors this year and continuing to work hard on learning the systems and taking on more responsibility. Avid outdoorsmen, they each received a $100 gift card to Cabella’s.

Scott Andrews was awarded Shannon Agar’s (our office manager extraordinaire) “MVP of Paperwork” award for excellent and nearly perfect reporting and paperwork management in the field. Scott received a $100 Visa gift card!

Laura Conte was awarding the “Rising Star of Horticulture” award for her passion for her work on the horticulture crew, going above and beyond helping her supervisor with plant layout and problem solving with the planting jobs, and her generally awesome attitude and hard work! She received a $100 visa gift card!

Gavin Gillespie & Kim Kunoff were recognized for taking over the Horticultural Maintenance crew and turning things around for our clients in the late spring after we suffered a series of difficult crew and job issues. They worked hard as a team to get everything back on track and deliver much better client communication! They each recieved a $50 visa gift card!

Nicole Lloyd received the “Most Appreciative Employee” award for handing out the most bonus appreciation points to other staff through our weekly appreciation and bonus system! Nicole was awarded a $100 gift card to Kohl’s!

Additionally, all team members were able to pick out their own “token of appreciation” from the Bloom-tique or Nursery!