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Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens -- Team Photo -- Outside Baker Rd. Dexter Store

About Us

Lotus Gardenscapes, Inc., is an award-winning design/build landscaping company. In 2015 Lotus Gardenscapes merged with the firm Elemental Design under owner Traven Pelletier. Our offices are currently located just outside quaint Dexter, Michigan, in a beautifully renovated historic barn with an onsite nursery and garden boutique. At Lotus we are proud of our ability to create a positive experience for our clients by building lasting relationships, beautiful designs, and quality installations. Our dedicated team caters to your design and landscape needs, focusing on the larger context. We listen to you, work with you and follow through with your project and maintenance needs in a friendly and helpful manner. A landscape is not a static composition, but a living and changing presence. Here at Lotus, we recognize that a great landscape is more than the sum of its parts. We integrate your design with a personalized approach that puts you at the center, helping to realize your vision for your property.


Owner & Designer

Traven Pelletier



734.426.6600 x200

Licensed Builder

Owner Traven Pelletier is the lead designer at Lotus Gardenscapes and heads up a group of creative and dedicated professionals.  Known for his creative approach and unique artistic designs, Traven brings talent and an artist’s eye to the design and build side of the company, he is a Michigan Licensed Builder, and a Certified Green Professional.

With Traven’s artistic focus, Lotus Gardenscapes has expanded its repertoire beyond planting and stone construction to include decks and wood garden structures along with environmental art and award winning designs. Traven works with a strong and passionate team that includes landscape architects, horticulturalists, artists, builders and skilled craftsmen.


Nicole Lloyd

Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens & Nursery -- Meet Our Team - NICOLE LLOYD, Designer



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Landscape Design & Nursery Management, Michigan State University

Certified Green Industry Professional

Nicole has been in the landscape industry for 18 years, and designing in the Ann Arbor and surrounding areas for the last 13 years.  She is a Certified Green Industry Professional through the MNLA with specializations as a Certified Landscape Designer and Certified Landscape Contractor.  Her background includes a degree from Michigan State University in Landscape Design and Nursery Management.  In 2007, she published a book, “Perennial Reference Guide”, which is used by professionals and students as a valuable resource in choosing plant material. Nicole’s beautiful perennial garden designs reflect her expertise and years of experience! 


Wade Lehmann

Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens & Nursery -- Meet Our Team - WADE LEHMAN, Designer



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BLA, Michigan State University

MA, Michigan State University

Certified Green Industry Professional

Wade Lehmann is the Lead Landscape Designer. Wade has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Master of Art in Environmental Design from Michigan State University, and is also a Certified Landscape Designer (CGIP-Design). He specializes in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing landscapes which offer full seasonal interest. Wade puts our clients wants and needs in the forefront of every aspect of the design process.


Lauren Yelen



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MLA, University of Michigan

Certified Green Industry Professional

Lauren Yelen is our junior Landscape Designer and marketing manager. As a graduate of the University of Michigan’s master’s program in Landscape Architecture in the School of Natural Resources, she has a passion for native plants, ecological design and edible landscapes.  Lauren is also a certified Green Industry Professional and Master Gardener. In her spare time she volunteers as a cat and kitten foster for the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

Office & Production Management

Office Manager

Shannon Agar



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Shannon Agar went to Michigan State and has been in accounting for over 15 years. She is an excellent office manager and keeps the wheels turning! She is an avid softball player and loves to spend time on her boat with her family.

Production Manager

Dave Faerber

Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens & Nursery -- Meet Our Team - DAVE FAEBER, Project Supervisor



734.426.6600 x204

Dave Faerber is our Production Manager and has been a part of the Lotus Gardenscapes team since 2011. His hard work is demonstrated in many of our projects and he is expertly skilled in carpentry, stone patios, water features, grading, heavy equipment operation, and design. Dave also has extensive experience in interior remodeling, particularly tile & custom woodwork, and will be leading the new Lotus Interiors crew over the winter. Dave shows enthusiasm for his work and pays attention to the special details each homeowner has requested. Dave is open to varying challenges, strives to be a good problem solver, and enjoys taking on new projects. 

Lotus Design Center

Nursery Manager

Stacey Rayer

Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens & Nursery -- Meet Our Team - STACEY RAYER, Nursery Manager



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Certified Green Industry Professional

Stacey Rayer is our Design Center Manager, and Horticultural Specialist.  Raised in suburban Detroit, educated in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan, Stacey holds a BA in history of art with emphasis on Near East studies and a BS in agronomy. Combining her right brain scientist and her left brain artist has allowed her to work in Washtenaw county as a practicing agronomist and landscape designer. For over 20 years she has helped clients with organic food production, incorporate annuals,  perennials, trees, and shrubs into their lives, taught classes on various aspects of gardening, assisted her artist-blacksmith husband with design and muscle, and genuinely tried to make the world a more beautiful and bountiful place.

Landscape Specialist

Katherine Gordon



734.426.6600 x208

Katherine Gordon is our Design Center Sales Specialist. Bio coming soon!

Horticulture & Maintenance

Maintenance Supervisor

Gavin Gillepsie




Gavin Gillepsie is our Maintenance Team Supervisor.  After gaining experience in transforming plantscapes as a member of our Horticulture Team, Gavin was promoted to lead the maintenance crew in cleaning up and beautifying existing landscapes. Gavin also has extensive experience in permaculture and urban farming, including keeping bees and chickens! He is a certified Green Industry professional through MNLA.

Horticultural Project Supervisor

Drew Laird




Certified Green Industry Professional

Drew Laird is our Horticultural Team Supervisor. An environmentalist at heart, Drew worked for many years as an organizer for environmental causes. He returned to the roots of his passion after studying at the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources. He has extensive experience in native plant restoration and removal of invasive species, and is an enthusiastic permaculture practitioner.

Horticultural Project Supervisor

Danny “Bonz” Mahoney




Danny Mahoney is our Horticulture Team Supervisor. After years of experience as the grounds manager at Hudson Mills Golf Course, Danny brings his botanical expertise to planting projects large and small. However, Danny is skilled at everything from stone patios to carpentry.  In his spare time, Danny enjoys working in his own woodshop, hunting, and spending time with his Australian Shepard, Chesney.

Landscape Installation

Landscape Project Supervisor

Scott Andrews

Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens & Nursery -- Meet Our Team - SCOTT ANDREWS, Landscape Project Supervisor




Scott Andrews is our Lead Project Specialist. Working with Traven since 2003, Scott has mastered all areas of landscape installation and has a special fondness for water features and creative wood and stone work. This past year Scott was awarded the Supervisor of the Year Award. Scott helps train and encourage all of the new Lotus Gardenscapes team members.

Landscape Project Supervisor

Jim Rimer




Jim Rimer is the project supervisor for our hardscape installation crew. Jim has a comprehensive background in large equipment operation and construction practices. Jim specializes in grading and managing large scale hardscape projects for Lotus Gardenscapes. His impeccable attention to detail and eagerness to communicate with the client throughout the installation process are what produce such great end results for our projects. This past year Jim was awarded the Equipment Operator of the year.

Woodwork Project Supervisor

Ryan McNeight




Ryan McNeight is the project supervisor for our Woodwork crew.  Biography coming soon!

Woodwork Project Supervisor

Will Plouffe




Will Plouffe is the project supervisor for our Woodwork crew.  Biography coming soon!

Executive Board



Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens & Nursery -- Meet Our Team - Rocky the Pitbull


An alum of the Humane Society of Huron Valley, Rocky is our resident office pit bull and president.  When he is not romping in the swamp behind Bloom Gardens, he is keeping a close eye on the Bloom and Lotus teams (and their lunches). Rocky believes in a philosophy of play hard, sleep hard.



Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens & Nursery -- Meet Our Team -- Fergie, Executive Board


Fergie is a lab/pitbull who worked her way from the mean streets of West Virginia to her position here at Lotus as office dog and CEO. Unlike her brother Rocky, who enjoys his role as the public face of the company, Fergie likes to operate behind the scene to help the business run smoothly.  When she is not brainstorming  brilliant ideas (we’ll hear one of them, one day…), she enjoys snuggling with her toys.