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Virtual Landscaping Consultation

Get the landscape help you need, while also helping your community

Our outdoor spaces are a vital part of our health and wellness while living at home. We are offering virtual meetings with our garden experts to provide an evaluation of your plants or a specific area in your garden. We can help with:

  • Plant ID
  • Choosing the right plants for your space
  • Pruning or maintenance advice
  • Disease/pest assessment & management
  • Small, simple bed design (drawings for an additional hourly fee)


*Please note that a comprehensive landscape plan requires a site visit by a designer (following Covid safety protocols). You can read more about that process here, and fill out a new design client survey here.

Schedule a virtual garden consultation with us and 25% of your consult fee is donated directly to local relief efforts. We want to help you and our community!

It’s easy and simple to do!

Fill out questionnaire and send photos

Pay online consultation fee

Set meeting time with designer

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