The benefits of dormant pruning in Ann Arbor, MI

Posted on January 13, 2021

Dormant pruning is one of the safest, most effective ways to ensure your trees and shrubs stay full, healthy, and rejuvenated through all four seasons. The benefits of pruning while your trees and shrubs are “sleeping” include:

  • Reduce the Risk of Disease: Removing deadwood throughout the canopy minimizes the potential for Oak Wilt & Dutch Elm Disease by providing less wound entry for the insects vectoring these fatal diseases.
  • Improve Overall Health & Longevity: Pruning now encourages strong, fresh growth when the weather warms up.
  • Minimize Job Site Impact: You’ll do less damage to lawn and gardens from heavy equipment during this time of year.
  • Save the Bees: Pollinators not present for disruption or forced to relocate.

If you want to ensure your trees and shrubs enter the new season in the best health, then dormant pruning is one of the most foolproof winter treatments.

Trees tend to be at their healthiest if they are maintained before new growth starts in the springtime. If you prune after your plant enters its new growth period then you are risking limiting its bloom potential for the rest of the year.

Routine maintenance is crucial to the health and attractiveness of your outdoor space. Pre-emptive practices like dormant pruning can help transform a landscape into a natural SANCTUARY, without the need for invasive, expensive fix-jobs.

Our sister company Greenstreet Tree Care has ISA Certified Arborists that can help with your dormant pruning.