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Residential Water Feature Wins Detroit Homes Award

Detroit Residential Water Featur

Residential Water Feature Wins Detroit Homes Award

We are proud to announce that we’ve been selected as an award winner from Detroit Home Magazine for our submission of “Sculptural Water Garden”.

The Sculptural Water Garden, completed in 2016, provided an exciting challenge for our lead designer and company owner. The house had a newly renovated hyper-modern façade with a fading and dated front landscape.  The area was uniquely difficult in that it was extremely narrow, but very wide and high.

Our concept was to complement and enhance the stainless steel cupola with a set of custom galvanized landscape features that crossed the breadth of the house. The stone and steel modern “Tori Gate Waterfall,” with its stunning 5’ high curtain waterfall, acts as the showpiece for the front of the house.

The landscape was further transformed with a mortared bluestone porch, a walkway and bench composed of bluestone slabs, a set of custom galvanized planters, and another Tori-style galvanized arbor for climbing annuals.

Plantings were chosen to complement but not overwhelm the sculptural components of the landscape.  The most striking planting elements are the four ‘Slender Silhouette’ Sweetgums. The tall, columnar nature of the trees fit the narrow space and prevents the front façade from appearing overwhelming in scale. Low plantings of creeping sedums and other rock garden plants soften the crisp lines of the bluestone path and allow the sculptural elements to shine.

The garden maintains 4-season interest with summer blooming perennials and annuals, the beautiful red fall foliage of the sweetgums, a spot of green in the winter by specimen conifers and, in the spring, Schubertii allium bulbs provide a whimsical, yet architectural touch.

Thank you for choosing to work with us! We hope you enjoy the unique charm we bring to your outdoor living space. We congratulate our team for this award, but we couldn’t do it without amazing clients like you.

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