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Beautiful Back Patio & Fountainscape

TImeline: 3-4 months
Budget: $75,000+
Designer: Nicole Lloyd
The Vision

Our clients wanted a beautiful backyard to look out upon from their upper screen room, and to have a water feature to listen to. A functional space to have their grandchildren to be able to enjoy and also the installation of lighting for safety and enjoyment in the evenings were high on the priority list. They also desired an extended driveway and several trees nearby for privacy and future shade..

The Challenge

The site itself is in a low area and the lot was heavy clay that was often full of standing water. This was the biggest challenge with choosing plant material that would withstand some poor drainage in most areas.

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Design & Plan

Creating this landscape to be successful started with proper grading of the site to help reduce the amount of standing water. Drainage was installed as well as grading to allow water to be directed to a storm drain at the rear of the property. Plantings that will tolerate standing water, such as Red maple and Dawn Redwood were used in areas that may have flooding. A paver border was installed along the driveway to give them more space, and add a finished look to the home. Natural stone steps and a bluestone patio were added with paver accents through the patio to highlight a path to the backyard from the deck. Boulders are placed throughout for the kids to climb on and to bring in more stones to play off of the water feature. Plantings include grasses, flowering shrubs, and perennials creating a casual atmosphere in the back landscape. The front entrance has shrub roses, coral bells, and grasses as well in high contrast colors for visual interest. The lighting throughout the landscape features path lighting for safety as well as uplights on many of the trees and downlighting onto the water feature in the backyard.

Project Features
Paver border on driveway
Bluestone and paver patio and walkways
The Results

Beautiful Back Patio & Fountainscape

Many newly built homes in new subdivisions leave a lot to be desired in the landscape, and this homeowner had the foresight to know that doing it right the first time is important. By investing in good materials and planning, and planting trees for the future early on, this landscape will last a long time and provide an amazing space for decades. A beautiful timeless combination of plantings and hardscape materials at this property along with the relaxing sound of the water feature make for a lovely retreat in this neighborhood.

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