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Artistic Steps and Railing

TImeline: 3-4 weeks
Budget: $30,000+
Designer: Nicole Lloyd
The Vision

This homeowner did not like their front entrance. It was boring and had a slope up to the steps from the driveway creating an awkward transition. Their aesthetic taste was to have a unique and artistic entrance. There was also a paver border on the left side of the driveway, but not on the right, so we discussed balancing that by adding a paver landing and walkway to the sidewalk in the same style as the other side of the driveway.

The Challenge

The slope of the driveway definitely created a challenge with creating a stairway that was easy to access and aesthetically beautiful. The homeowners love natural stone, so that was an easy choice.

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Design & Plan

Once we decided on materials, the stairway was designed to provide two entrance points. One closer to the garage door, and another lower on the driveway leading to a new paver walkway to the street sidewalk. The plantings were kept simple, and low maintenance, and the homeowner wanted some space remaining to plant annuals each season. A combination of evergreens, grasses and groundcovers were used. A custom railing designed by John Rayer of Waterloo Metalworks was used to provide a safe and beautiful handrail.

Project Features
Stone staircase
Custom metal railing
Paver driveway border and walkway
The Results

Artistic Steps and Railing

This project completely changed the look of the front of this home while creating a safer transition from the driveway and sidewalk to the front door.

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