Meet the Lotus Gardenscapes Team! Scott Andrews

Posted on March 1, 2017

Lotus Gardenscapes -- Backyard Landscape -- Waterfall and Stone Pond -- Stone, Wood, Water
Meet the Lotus Gardenscapes Team!

Get to know the team at Lotus Gardenscapes! We’ve got such an interesting group of designers, artists, craftsman, and horticulturalists working with us that we thought we’d share a bit about them.

March 2017
Project Supervisor: Scott Andrews

Lotus Gardenscapes | Bloom! Gardens & Nursery -- Meet the Lotus Gardenscapes Team - SCOTT ANDREWS, Landscape Project Supervisor

Meet artisan Scott Andrews. Scott is our Lead Project Specialist. Working with Traven since 2003, Scott has mastered all areas of landscape installation and has a special fondness for water features and creative wood and stonework. This past year, Scott was awarded the Supervisor of the Year Award. Scott helps train and encourage all of the new Lotus Gardenscapes team members.

Scott was raised in Ann Arbor by his single mother. He has worked as a courier in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit area, an automotive mechanic, and has done residential construction, remodel, and maintenance.

What is/are your favorite project(s) to date?

“One project that stands out is a large backyard renovation we did a few years ago. A huge two story-house with sloping terrain in back to accommodate a walk-out basement. We built it so that he first floor dining room opens to an outdoor kitchenette, a pergola, a natural stone patio that is defined by an upper pond. Large custom-curved stone benches sit around the fire pit. The pond splits from there, gently cascading down a tiered 30′ stream. The other coarsely drops to a 5′ waterfall into the main 20’x40′ koi pond. At the basement walkout, a new natural patio & walkway tie the whole property access together. Finished with all the little Lotus custom touches we’re known for, the family now enjoys & continues to work with us on their other property.

Lotus Gardenscapes -- Backyard Landscape -- Backyard Landscape, Firepit -- Stone, Wood, Water

We started the process of demolition, led by A&R Stone, sub-contractors we had recently associated ourselves with and now use regularly when available.  These guys are great artisans and helped relieve the enormously large endeavor we had undertaken. With a large excavator, they effortlessly cleared & terraced the beginnings of the large cascading pond that now defines this backyard oasis.

Lotus Gardenscapes -- Backyard Landscape -- Project Landscape -- Stone, Wood, Water

Our entire company rallied together to create this masterpiece, everyone working on different aspects of the project with a common goal. Dave Faerber and Jim Rimer, newly hired employees that season and now an integral part of the Lotus family, labored tirelessly. Jim, with his extensive experience operating heavy equipment, helped us finish up the final touches before the excavator left site. So many people came together to complete this beautiful landscape plan, that still today showcases our amazing ability to transform our clients’ homes.”

How do you spend winters?

“My winters are spent relaxing & remodeling our home, one of the reasons I’ve been working with Lotus for years. I get to unplug from the system & enjoy “me time”!

I like to immerse myself in video games for fun. Especially open world, where you can wander off quest & explore. Like Elder Scrolls, Fallout & FarCry… I’ve been expanding my knowledge on occupational information & areas of interest on the web.

I also love all genera of music and like to experience alternatives, to keep up with new emerging artists, as well as occasionally my classics. Profits of Rage, Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, Andrew Bird, and Zoe Keating, to name a few. Music for every mood & feel. That music affects us all so much because it can envelop most of our senses, triggering emotional impact.”

What are you looking forward to this season?

“I always look forward to project completion. Bringing the conceptual plan to life & the satisfaction shared by all involved.”