Lotus and Greenstreet employees ring in the New Year at annual holiday party

Posted on December 27, 2018

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It was a great party with a ton of fun awards, great catering by Knights and a as usual ridonkulous gift exchange! You can check out and download ALL the photos here:

PASSWORD: lotusparty
Download Pin: 7174

Our end of year movie and slideshow were wonderful! Thanks to Jeeheon Cho for editing the movie – check it out again and share it with friends and family – here is a download link:


Lastly, if you enjoyed the tidbits and info in my end of year presentation, the future, planning, yearly numbers etc – here is a download link for a pdf of that as well!:


Thanks to some awesome 3D printing by Gavin and hand painting by Julie this years awards were OFF THE HOOK! The full list is below with some pics – the “words of power” are in the presentation download above and all the pics from the awards ceremony are in the gallery download!!! GO TEAM!

It was an exciting year with Nicole breaking the $1M sales barrier for the team… the Hunshunshu Dashing Daschund of Sales Award celebrates her awesome growth and sales prowess!

Read more about our holiday celebration and employee awards.