How to Water New Landscapes and Grass in Ann Arbor, MI

Posted on May 20, 2022

Plants have a short list of things that help them not only grow but also thrive. Provide your plantings with the right amount of sun, nutrients, and water, and they’ll reward you with beautiful growth in return. 

The one element that homeowners need to be particularly aware of is ensuring that new plantings are regularly watered. This is particularly important the first month your newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials are transitioning from their controlled nursery environment to their new homes outside. 

While nature does a great job of providing adequate sunshine and soil nutrients, it doesn’t do the best job of providing adequate hydration. Rainfall is too irregular to be an adequate water source. Lawn sprinklers are not reliable for meeting hydration needs either, especially if your new plantings have different water requirements. 

Lotus Gardenscapes has compiled a comprehensive guide for homeowners that details a great first-month watering schedule as well as suggestions for the growing season and beyond. This TLC is important. First, regular watering validates the plant warranties. Secondly, the effort made now will pay off in healthy plantings in later years.