Eclectic Outdoor Room & Landscape

Posted on February 5, 2018

Expansive Entertaining in an Eclectic Outdoor Room & Landscape!


We were challenged by our client to take a dated, run-of-the-mill backyard deck on a standard subdivision home and transform it into a deck, patio and outdoor room where the family could entertain for large parties as well as have cozy couple time, all in the same space.


The result was a seamless and expansive Trex deck that gently curves around a rustic natural stone patio and finishes in a beautiful and trendy outdoor room, complete with fire pit and living room amenities for a romantic evening in the backyard!


A simple, curved outdoor kitchen in the form of a basic countertop and grill overlook the small kitchen garden and makes entertaining a breeze. Natural cedar accents on the porch tie in with the darker mahogany Trex, and backlit panels in the outdoor room create a natural yet simultaneously modern appeal.


Materials include natural Pennsylvania bluestone for the patio, Trex Transcends decking, cedar and southern pine treatments for the outdoor room & ceiling, a Paloform Firepit with colored glass fill, backlit light panels, granite countertops, Napoleon grill unit, and zinced gutter and furniture accents.