Ann Arbor Home Additions and Interior Renovations

Posted on August 13, 2021

It’s fair to say the word ‘home’ has taken on new meaning in the last six months. Many of us are working from home, sharing spaces with our spouse and kids, and they’re all working from home too. It’s fair to say that the days are starting to blend together and the lines between work and home have blurred.

With so much of our lives taking place between the same four walls, space may feel like a distant memory. Trust us, you’re not alone. Everyone is feeling the pinch in some way. And while there are things we can do to help us cope with the added stress of living and working at home, many are choosing to create additional space for themselves.

People like Sandy Miller.

As a therapist, Sandy’s job is to make her clients feel comfortable. However, due to the limited space in Sandy’s former office, she found it impossible to maintain social distance during the pandemic, compromising both her personal comfort and the comfort of her clients. Not able to house hunt with restrictions in place, she opted instead to extend her current home. She decided a home office would give her the space (and quiet) she needed to perform her work, and bring with it the added benefit of creating a separation between where she lives and where she works. Even if that separation is only a door.

A Room of Sandy’s Own

Being a therapist, Sandy’s home office needed to look a little different. We paired Sandy with one of our designers to develop the perfect space. She needed an office that was warm and inviting, somewhere people would feel safe opening up. We designed a space like a living room, with a cozy background for her video meetings with clients.

Sandy said: “It’s amazing to have an office separate from the rest of the house for both in-person and telehealth appointments, and I love it.”

We can do the same for you. Whether you’re a writer, insurance agent, or landscape designer, you need an office designed especially with you in mind. A place that is going to be well suited to the role you need to play.

At Lotus, we design spaces for people. Spaces that encourage you and lift you up. Spaces designed to keep you focused on the good things in life. This will help you focus when you’re working, and help you switch off at the end of the day.

More than Home Offices

If you’re feeling the square-footage pinch in areas other than your workspace, there’s no need to worry. Lotus Interiors can design and build additions based on a variety of family needs. Extra bedrooms, bathrooms, a new kitchen, Lotus can handle it all.

In case you missed it, here’s more info on Lotus Interiors where you can find details on some of the interior renovation services we provide, all of which are fully customizable to your needs.

From custom woodwork to indoor botanicals, water features, and remodels, we can help you with your interior rebuilds.


We embarked on this journey with one goal in mind, to make it easy for Ann Arbor residents to design and build the space of their dreams whether it’s indoors or outdoors. We will be with you every step of the way from design to build, so you won’t lose any of the details. Because it is the details that matter.