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Lush Lakeside Landscape

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Lush Lakeside Landscape

Designers Wade and Lauren arrived at this challenging project when the bones were in place (stone steps, paver patio, and super cool welded wire retaining wall were existing), but the client was struggling with torrents of water that were streaming off the long sloped driveway. We installed an aesthetically pleasing solution in the form of a dry stream that funnels water down the hill to the lake. Plantings are funky and informal, with lots of bold foliage color and texture. Along the lakeshore we installed a new boulder seawall. Irregular bluestone stepping stones connect the steps down to the lake to a lakefront limestone slab seating area and firepit. One of the less glamorous elements of the project was creating a “road” down to the lake along the side of the house to allow the homeowner better access with a lawn mower. Landscapes should be functional as well as fashionable!


February 13, 2019


Gardens, Projects, Stone, Water

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