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Lakeside Flooding Solution

Lakeside Flooding Solution

Our design team engineered a custom dry creek system to allow water to drain from the top of the hill down the foot, without pooling or creating boggy patches. The client was keen not to spoil the aesthetic of the property, so the team worked hard to ensure that every inch of the creek was in fitting with the contemporary feel of its surroundings.

With the dry creek in place, we were free to begin work on the ornamental planting section of the job. The client is a dog lover, and with two Labradoodles and a constant flow of foster puppies coming through the door, needed plants that could withstand pets. We used a medley of ornamental grasses to create texture, opting for varieties that would repel hungry deer.

To round the project off we completed a small area of hardscaping at the base of the hill, which becomes the site of a firepit when we return to the property in a few months.


April 16, 2021


Hardscape, Projects, Water


firepit, flooding, hardscape, landscape design, retaining wall, stormwater management, waterfront landscape

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