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Bespoke Hardscaping in Natural Hideaway

Bespoke Hardscaping in Natural Hideaway

Completed in the spring of 2019, this tranquil design incorporates bespoke hardscaping, responsible horticulture, and creative lighting solutions. Located in Ann Arbor, the Wong family was looking to freshen up their outdoor space with a new entry, crafted in a way that reflected the unique style of their home.

We decided early on that the walkway pavers and the steps would have to be custom-made, as we were unable to source products large enough to fit the design. These were made off-site from hand-poured concrete, then fitted by our Lotus crews to create the illusion of the steps floating in the landscape. The accompanying wall was constructed with U-Cara from Unilock, and designed to retain the grade and add stability to the steps and walkway.

Once the hardscaping was in place, we planted a mixture of vibrant allium, beautiful anemones, and delicate blue plumbagos, to lift and enliven the space. At the request of the client, we mounted outdoor lighting in the surrounding trees, so that the area could be lit from above without cumbersome fixtures. At night, this casts a magical glow over the space, which looks fantastic in person and in photographs.


March 24, 2021


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